Meta Design Manufacturing helps residential and commercial interior designers, architects and civic planners co-create one-of-a-kind art, furniture, accessories and more for use in luxury homes, businesses, outdoor civic spaces, schools and more. 

Architectural Design and Manufacturing

Meta Design Manufacturing is a leader in the design and manufacturing of architectural art and functional objects involving metal or metal and wood.  Meta partners with architects and interior and industrial space designers to enable a space or focal point to engage with people and capture attention.

Do you have an open commercial space and an idea? Meta can help. 

Do you need support bringing life to a luxury home? Meta can help. 

Do you have a new building and need a large custom piece or fixture? Meta can help.

Creative, collaborative, listeners. The team at Meta Design Manufacturing has a passion for architectural design.  We specialize in creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for restaurants, offices, luxury homes and commercial exteriors. With our background in industrial and commercial design, we are able to take your idea and elevate it.  We know a thing or two about function and process – whether it’s for a custom railing or a functional art piece that gyrates or spins or moves. We have a commitment to quality and function and apply it to art: your custom piece is manufactured with excellence in mind while crafting to the same high standards we are known for.

Our customers: 

  • Restaurant and hotel architects
  • Luxury home architects
  • Interior designers – residential, commercial
  • Civic space and park planners
  • Landscape planners
  • Fine arts designers
  • Furniture designers
  • Interior fixture manufacturers with small manufacturing capacity or for overflow

For your next one-of-a-kind residential or commercial piece, contact us to arrange a manufacturing design session. We’re a talented team and want to help from design to manufacturing.

Standard architectural design products for interiors / exteriors:

A. Luxury interior decor
B. Architectural artwork – wall art or moving pieces
C. Fine art
D. Furniture with design-sense and function
E. Civic — park / open space art

Interior Restaurant Design Project - Manhole Cover using Mare Island Brewery Logo

Interior Design Element – Manhole Cover using Mare Island Brewery Logo

Custom Metal Pocket Door Personalized

Custom Metal Pocket Door Personalized with Logo or Crest

Meta Logo Fine Art - Metal Strand Art Piece - Wall or Desktop Use

Meta Logo Fine Art – Metal Strand

Don’t see what you need here? Let Meta co-create the next best innovative product to solve your home or business design need. We look at all aspects of product design and with your input about expected uses, safety, ergonomics (feel and touch), and aesthetics. Our powder-coating service is superior to paint and ensures long-lasting, elegant looking surfaces.


As an example of our work, Meta co-created and manufactured a custom metal staircase in Benecia, California. The client said this about Meta: – “The finished project in our home is beyond expectation – it’s everything we wanted and more. It’s also a showcase in our home and captures the imagination of every guest who enters our home. We highly recommend Meta – they are Pros!”. —JD

Meta’s state-of-the-art facility and machining

Plan a trip and a tour. Seeing is believing. Let us walk you through the process a product goes through from idea to completed masterpiece. Projects you bring to Meta Design typically start with a conversation with our industrial designer and we then use computer aided design (CAD). It’s a conversation — and we enjoy getting to know you as part of it.

Meta Design’s facility includes a CNC Turning Center, CNC Vertical Mill, an OMAX Abrasive Water-Jet machine with the 5th axis A-Jet Cutting Nozzle and a Rotary Axis, Welding Fabrication & Sheetmetal Forming, a Large Format 3D Printer, a Laser Engraver and Cutter (for use on Leather, Wood, Plastics and Metals) and a Woodworking Shop. Our Powder Coating center is fully equipped — this is the final phase when furniture or an art piece will be sealed, coated and inspected for maximum durability and life. Powder coating adds color and durability.  As pace setters and industry partners, we do love working with architects, interior designers and planners on one-of-a-kind pieces that combine both art and function. We do love making parts; but helping you build out custom furniture or a fine art project makes our hearts beat. Let us know how we can help bring your next idea to life!

Not in the area soon? See our virtual tour – coming soon.

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