Meta Design & Manufacturing helps telecom companies solve everyday problems to enable a more efficient and safer work environment for its technicians.

Telecommunications Manufacturing: Parts and Equipment for the Telecom Industry

Meta Design Manufacturing has roots in the telecommunications industry, giving our team deep understanding into its manufacturing needs, from high-volume parts to the tools needed to scale operations. 

Designing systems to support 5G? Meta can help. 

Are your tools and devices reliable in the field? Meta can help. 

Is safety at the forefront of your decision making? Meta can help.

Our focus is on safety, reliability and dependability, helping to ensure your team is equipped with tools and devices to help them work efficiently and safely.  From our design to build capabilities, our processes focus heavily on ergonomic and safety considerations, minimizing worker fatigue and accidents in the workplace. 

As telecom equipment has become more diverse and sophisticated, our team at Meta Design Manufacturing, has been at the forefront of understanding how current trends are influencing the industry and what that means for the design, development, and process of building equipment, such as side-arm pole mounts and 5G RF shielded pole top mounts to meet very diverse needs. 

Our customers: 

  • System designers
  • Phone providers
  • Multiple system operators (MSO)/Cable providers
  • Data providers
  • 5G architects 

For your next telecom solution, contact us to arrange a manufacturing design session. We’re a talented team and want to help from design to manufacturing.

Ask us about any of these products that can be modified to fit specific MSO and carrier specifications:

A. Wood pole side arm – concealed diplexers
B. Strand mount solution – 4G and 5G
C. Multi-carrier equipment pedestal with solar fan

Wood Pole Side Arm – Concealed Diplexers

  Wood Pole Side Arm – Concealed Diplexers

Strand Mount Solution

Strand Mount Solution – 4G and 5G Densification

Multi-Carrier Equipment Pedestal with Solar Fan

Mulit-Carrier Equipment Pedestal with Solar Fan

Don’t see what you need here?

Let Meta co-create the next best innovative product to solve your particular need. We look at all aspects of product design and add your input about expected uses, worker safety, ergonomics, and aesthetics.

For example, Meta co-created and manufactured a custom multi-carrier equipment pedestal for the City of Richmond in California — seeking a solution for concealing equipment that was previously pole-mounted, the city now has a number of these pedestals in place. Each is secure and equipment is cooled with a solar fan. Meta Design Manufacturing specializes in co-creating solutions like this one — whether the challenge is aesthetic and functional or both — We love a challenge!

Meta’s state-of-the-art facility and machining

Projects you bring to Meta Design typically start with a meeting with our industrial designer and the use of computer-aided design (CAD). The computer aided design and manufacturing approach to solving problems has proven to be a huge victory for our clients. We share progress and make design modifications — we work tirelessly to achieve the ideal solution. Our engineers then program machining equipment to produce your tool, device, pole mount, enclosure, or equipment.

Meta Design’s facility includes a CNC turning center, CNC vertical mill, an OMAX abrasive water-jet machine with the 5th axis A-Jet cutting nozzle and a rotary axis, welding fabrication & sheetmetal forming, a large-format 3D printer, a Laser engraver and cutter (for use on leather, wood, plastics and metals), and a woodworking shop.  Our powder coating center is fully equipped — parts and equipment are sealed, coated and inspected for maximum durability and life. As pace setters and industry partners, we do love making parts, trailers, enclosures — anything that improves safety, addresses ergonomic issues over previous tools in the field, or achieves the need for smart 4G and 5G deployment and densification.

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