Meta Design Manufacturing helps utility companies and the companies that contract to utilities replace aging equipment and tools and scale operations to enable an efficient and safe work environment for its workers and technical specialists.

Utility Industry Manufacturing: Parts, Tools, and Equipment for the Utility Industry

Meta Design Manufacturing understands the electric and gas utility industry as the driver for delivery of safe and reliable electricity and gas for homes and businesses. Your needs for enhanced worker safety, improved tools, and time saving solutions get addressed at Meta. We offer sophisticated design and advanced manufacturing that are focused on meeting safety standards. Maintaining infrastructure is at the heart of what we do.

Designing new infrastructure? Meta can help. 

Planning for an area or system expansion? Meta can help.

Could your utility contracting company benefit from a partner that is setting new industry benchmarks? Meta can help.  

Safety, reliability and dependability. We consider this standard to all of Meta Design Manufacturing’s products and service offerings. Through our state of the art equipment, we only build the best tools, products, and accessories to support our partners in the utility industry.

Our customers: 

  • Gas & electric companies
  • Gas & electric project managers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Mechanical engineers 
  • Structural engineers
  • Transportation designers

For your next utility solution, contact us to arrange a manufacturing design session. We’re a talented team and want to help you — from design to manufacturing.

Sample of utility industry products we manufacture:

A.  Power line ground clamp
B.  Ground bushing well
C.  Gas pipeline connectors

Power Line Ground Clamp

Ergonomic Power Line Ground Clamp


Meta’s state-of-the-art facility and machining…

Projects you bring to Meta Design typically start with a meeting with our Industrial Designer and subsequently use computer aided design (CAD). The computer aided design and manufacturing approach to solving problems together sets us apart. We share progress and make design modifications — we work diligently to achieve the ideal solution. Our engineers then program machining equipment to produce your tool, device, enclosure or equipment.

Meta Design’s facility includes a CNC turning center, CNC vertical mill, an OMAX Abrasive Water-Jet machine with the 5th axis A-Jet cutting nozzle and a rotary axis, welding fabrication & sheetmetal forming, a large format 3D printer, a laser engraver and cutter (for use on leather, wood, plastics and metals) and a woodworking shop.  Our powder coating center is fully equipped — parts and equipment are sealed, coated and inspected for maximum durability and life.

Call 888-817-7018 to inquire or order your tool, part or connector today!
Visit our Vallejo facility or send us your design idea — we are passionate about co-creating new products!



Meta Design & Manufacturing helps utility companies solve everyday problems and scale operations to enable a more efficient and safer work environment for its technicians.